100 mph Electric Moto

December 2013- September 2014

Status: Active

The Baker Road Racing Sidecar Motorcycle


In an effort to push the technical envelope, the 2014 effort will use a road racing sidecar, built by UK sidecar legend Tony Baker. This machine was originally built for the Isle of Man TT race, but a rules change meant that it didn’t race there but instead was shipped to the US where it won several National Championships, running a GSXR gasoline engine.

We are converting the Baker machine to electric drive using two Motenergy ME1302 liquid-cooled PMAC motors. We are also substantially increasing the size of the battery pack to 12 KW-h, again using lithium ion battery packs from a Nissan Leaf.

The build of the new machine is complicated and involved, but is on schedule to make the Bonneville Bub event in August, 2014 on the Salt Flats.

We did it-- despite bad weather conditions and a motor that kept cutting out, we set a new AMA Land Speed Record for Unlimited Electric Sidecar bikes at 67.4 mph. Next year we will go much faster!